2020-21 Sports Schedule for NBA, NHL, MLB, Golf and Tennis Betting

2020-21 Sports Schedule for NBA, NHL, MLB, Golf and Tennis Betting Online

When does the NBA start? And for that matter, when does the NHL start? And what’s going on with all the other games, too? Those seem to be the golden questions lately. And we hear you, loud and clear. We may even have some golden answers.

It’s pretty difficult to do NFL betting for real money, or any other type of betting on sports, when the schedules are so erratic, changing nearly every other day.

Luckily, Bodog’s on the case. We’ll take a minute here to give you the latest updates on when your favourite sports are happening, so you can bet on the sports at Bodog now. That goes for NFL betting for real money, and everything else on the calendar that floats your boat and gets you through the night.

Let’s see what’s going on here. Grab your writing implement of choice and prepare to take notes!

1. NCAA Football Schedule Update

Football is perhaps the most major of the major sports to be hit by the schedule changes. Four conferences for the NCAA have already been postponed, and other games are getting pushed back or rescheduled every week. Despite all that, though, we’ve been able to track down a list of upcoming games that seem to be confirmed (though the times, they are a’changing).

                                         Thursday, November 26
Match                                                            Time (EST)                       Network
Colorado State at Air Force                        2 PM                                  CBSSN
New Mexico at Utah State                          7 PM                                   FS1

                                           Friday, November 27
Match                                                            Time (EST)                       Network
Iowa State at Texas Louisville                   Noon                                  ACC
at Boston College
Massachusetts at Liberty                           Noon
Southern Miss at UAB                                 12:30 PM                          CBSSN
Nebraska at Iowa                                         1 PM                                  FOX
Notre Dame at North Carolina                   3:30 PM                            ABC

2. NFL Schedule Changes

Although there have undeniably been some major foot-shuffling in the NFL this year, the season is still going strong. The only major change we’ve seen for Week 11 is that the Colts and Packers match has been shifted to 4:25 PM EST instead of its original 1:00 PM start time on November 22. At this new time, the match will officially be a part of Fox’s national doubleheader. The rest of the schedule for Week 11 hasn’t seen any changes, and you can continue NFL betting for real money as expected.

                                           Thursday, Nov. 19
Match                                                            Time (EST)                       Network
Arizona Cardinals                                        8:20 PM                           FOX/NFLN/
at Seattle Seahawks                                                                             Amazon

                                           Sunday, November 22
Match                                                            Time (EST)                       Network
Tennessee Titans                                        1 PM                                  CBS
at Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots                                 1 PM                                  CBS
at Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers                                     1 PM                                   CBS
at Jacksonville Jaguars
Cincinnati Bengals                                       1 PM                                  CBS
at Washington Football Team
Detroit Lions                                                  1 PM                                 Fox
at Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles                                      1 PM                                 Fox
at Cleveland Browns

3. NBA 2020-21 Season Start News

NBA 2020-21 Season Start News

So, when does the NBA start? Officially, December 22.

That’s all thanks to an agreement that was finally reached with The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association for the rules in the upcoming 2020-21 season. There are some differences in comparison to other seasons, though. For starters, instead of the usual 82-game season, now there will only be 72 games. Free agency will also be cut short slightly. That will begin at 6 PM EST on November 20 and last only until 12:01 PM EST on November 22. That’s 5 days short of the usual one week.

4. NHL 2020-21 Season Start News

So, when does the NHL start? Unfortunately, we don’t have a straight answer. How about a crooked one?

What we do know is that conversations among the NHL leadership and the teams have been underway; in particular, Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner, announced to fans that the target start date is January 1st. That’s a month later than the original December 1st start date.

That brings up some complications because of the holiday season. As you might imagine, it’s not ideal to take a Christmas break and have to resume work on New Year’s Day itself. But even still, that may change. 2020 is full of surprises, amiright?

So we can’t answer your question “When does the NHL start?” quite yet. But we’ll tell you as soon as we know, I swear. And I promise.

5. PGA Golf Schedule Changes

PGA Golf Schedule Changes

The 2020 golf season has perhaps been hit the hardest due to COVID-19. That’s because the season naturally started right around the time the pandemic hit, and proceeded to handicap the entire game. No manners at all.

So, in April, nearly everything got canceled altogether. Luckily, though, the rest of the 2020-21 “Super Season” will be jam-packed with all the matches we missed at the start of the year. There will be 50 official FedExCup tournaments, including six major championships to look forward to.

Here’s what’s coming up:

                                           November 19-22
Event                                            Venue                                                Prize
The RSM Classic                        Sea Island Resort                           $6,600,000
.                                                     Saint Simons Island, GA

                                           December 3-6
Event                                            Venue                                                Prize
Mayakoba Golf Classic             El Camaleon Golf Club                   $7,200,000
.                                                     Playa del Carmen, México
Hero World Challenge               Albany Golf Course
.                                                     Albany-New Providence,
.                                                     Bahamas

6. Tennis Betting Schedule Changes

Tennis Betting Schedule Changes

Like the PGA, the 2020 Tennis schedule, which was originally slated for March, has also been through major changes. Luckily, though, many of the major matches have been rearranged, and we’ve been enjoying a good season thus far. Very little courtus interruptus.

Although the season is nearly complete, here’s an updated schedule of what’s going on:

Event                                              Start Date                                 End Date
ATP Sofia:                                      November 8                             November 14
Sofia Open
ATP Finals:                                    November 15                            November 21
Group London 2020
ATP Finals:                                    November 15                            November 21
Group Tokyo 1070
Florianopolis                                 November 23                            November 29
LIMA and Bari                               November 23                            November 29
Guangzhou International            November 23                            November 29
Women’s Open

So, as for when does the NBA start?, When does the NHL start?, and, Can I still join NFL betting for real money right now?… It’s all far from perfect, but all is not lost, either. The show must go on. Money must be won. And be sure to check back soon for any updates! We’ll be here until the end, folks. Whatever the end may be.