NFL Betting and the Bodog Experience


NFL Betting and the Bodog Experience

The NFL is in full swing. Millions of fans are having ragers as we speak. But only some of those fans are walking away from their tequila and Bud Daze with a little something extra: cold hard, cash profit. Oh yeah, and bragging rights. 

It all comes down to NFL betting for real money. Particularly NFL betting online. It’s just the ticket to infusing the NFL season with abundant thrills. But in order to bet on the NFL now, you have to know how to bet on the NFL the right way. The Bodog way. 

Not to mention you’ll want to get the best odds, too. But we’ll get into that later. For now, let’s start with the different types of NFL betting for real money.  

NFL Spread, Total, Money Betting for Real Money

How to bet on the NFL starts with three main bets that keep the action alive. Let’s go over them. 

NFL Spread

With NFL betting online, the “spread” creates an even playing field for your bet. The Sportsbook gives the underdog more points and the favourite negative points – all before the match has even begun. The idea is that the underdog has a head-start, and the favorite has to “cover the spread” before they can win. 

It looks like this:

Cleveland Browns: -3.5

Cincinnati Bengals: +3.5

If you bet on the Bengals (the underdog) for NFL week 7, you’ll win your bet if they either win the game outright or lose by 3 points or less. 

If you bet on the Browns (the favourites), you’ll win your bet only if they win the match by more than 4 points. 

The “0.5” part is there because it prevents a tie, or a push from taking place with your bet.

Bodog creates the odds by factoring in important details like the teams’ histories, injuries, homefield advantage, and any other variable that could affect the game’s outcome. This makes NFL betting for real money fair for each side, and yields the highest possible profits for you. 


This type of NFL betting online is also known as Over/Under betting. It’s one of the most fun ways to do NFL betting for real money because of its simplicity. 

The Sportsbook makes a prediction on the total number of points in a game’s outcome. So let’s say they predict that team A will score 30 points, and Team B will score 16. The official total to bet on is 46 (30+16). Your job, then, is to bet on whether or not you think the final total will be under or over the Sportsbook’s predicted total (46). 

You are paid out based on the odds for each team. At Bodog, we change the odds throughout the season based on wins/losses, injuries, stats, and anything else that alters the team’s likelihood of winning. This keeps the betting field as even and fair as possible. 

Money Betting for Real Money

NFL betting for real money wouldn’t be complete without the Moneyline. And if you thought Totals were a cakewalk, you’ll love this even easier NFL betting online. 

In fact, you’ve likely already done it. With this type of bet, you simply wager on which team will win. If your team wins, you win, too. This is a great way for newcomers to get started with NFL betting for real money because there’s no pointspread to consider. Just Win or Lose. 

Same as Total betting, you’re paid based on the odds for each team. The more of an uneven match is, the bigger the difference will be between the odds. When you have a trusted Sportsbook, like, oh I don’t know, Bodog, you can be sure the odds are carefully evaluated and changed regularly in your favor. 

NFL Player Props 

This type of NFL betting online is another great bet with tons of variety. Instead of betting on the outcome of a game, you bet on the performance of individual players. 

If you’ve ever done fantasy betting, Player Props might sound familiar to you. The two types of NFL betting are similar because they’re based on how the players perform. 

So if you’ve got a lot of faith in Dion Lewis, for example, you could bet that he’ll make over/under X number of rushing yards for the Giants within a match. If he does just that, then you’ll win your Player prop bet. And if that yardage was a winning number, your fantasy team with Dion on it will be killing it, too. Same idea. 

NFL Futures Betting 

NFL Futures Betting is done on events that haven’t taken place yet. The most common type of Futures betting is on who will win the Super Bowl. 

NFL betting on Super Bowl futures is great because you can place a bet all season, or even all year long.

At Bodog, we love to build up the anticipation early. We post the opening odds in the preseason for all 32 teams. As some teams get eliminated from the playoffs, the odds will change. All the way up to the main event. 

Remember that Futures betting on the Super Bowl is exciting, but also a long term investment. You won’t get paid until the Super Bowl is totally finished, and you’re spewing champagne through the air like the glorious champion that you are. 

NFL Parlay Betting for Real Money

NFL Parlay Betting for Real Money


Parlay betting is when you make multiple bets, combined into one. In order to win, every one of your wagers has to win. So the potential for payouts is massive. But the risk is pretty high, too. That’s why you need to choose a betting operator with great odds in order to gain fairness and maximize your profits. 

At Bodog, we stay on top of the sportsbetting Kingdom by keeping our odds competitive. All so you can get the highest payouts, of course. 

Look at Bodog’s odds compared to local Bookies for NFL betting online 2020-2021. Out of 15 upcoming matches, Bodog’s odds are the best for 9 of them, and 4 are equal. Sometimes our odds are better by as much as 8 points. 

Remember that even the slightest difference in odds could mean a fat difference in your wallet. That’s why we’re always here, looking out for you both. You and your wallet, that is. 


So, where are you now? Are you rushing to your Bodog account for NFL betting online? Since you know how to bet on the NFL, I sure hope you are honing those skills. And when you win, be sure to remember who has the best odds, and who taught you everything you need to know. Hey, we’re just here to help.