NBA Futures Betting

It’s thrilling to watch a game unfold moment by moment, but with Bodog NBA futures betting, it’s a moment made to last with a smouldering long-view to the final outcome. 

Instead of hinging your payday on specific stats, like how many triple-doubles Giannis Antetokounmpo makes, or if Rudy Gobert surges beyond 15+ rebounds in a game, futures betting allows you to look ahead to slightly more consequential matters… like who will win the championship. 

Bodog is the home of NBA futures betting, with up-to-date futures week after week, and plenty of analysis sure to sharpen your pencils. For a blunt assessment of all things future, here’s our take on the types of NBA futures bets that Bodog bettors can looking forward to now.

What are NBA Futures?

Rather than taking a game-by-game approach, NBA futures betting is based on a prediction of events that can occur later in the season. These types of bets are not contingent upon anything that happens within the individual game, such is the case with the moneyline or player props bets. Futures bets are usually settled at the time of key seasonal milestones, from the division conference through to the championships, and typically focus on the winners at each juncture. 

Popular NBA Futures

As the future grows ever larger, so do our host of futures options on the scene. These consistently popular futures are based on who will win major events coming up in the NBA. 

Championship Winner

This is the most popular of the futures bets, and the most consequential, with the winner of the championship named and backed by countless fans and followers. For the 2021-22 season, the Brooklyn Nets are leading the books as favourites, followed by the a tussle between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers who are tied for second, and last year’s champs, the Milwaukee Bucks, coming in next. 

NBA Atlantic Division

For this division bet, you’ll be determining which team in the Atlantic Division will sweep up the title. The Celtics have won the Atlantic Division 22 times, but in the 2021-22 season they’re fourth on the books. The Atlantic Division has also produced nine championship titles. As it stands, the Nets are stealing the show as first-place favourites, and they ride that wave as leading favourites for the championship title.  

NBA Central Division

As one of the three divisions in the Eastern Conference, you’ll decide which of the five teams will take the title: the Chicago Bulls, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Detroit Pistons, the Indiana Pacers or the Milwaukee Bucks. For the 2021-22 season, the Bucks lead the books as favourites to win the Central Division. 

NBA Northwest Division

As part of the Western Conference, the Denver Nuggets, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Utah Jazz all compete for the Northwest Division title. Utah Jazz has won four times in this division, and in the current season they remain favourites, followed by five-time winners, the Denver Nuggets. 

NBA Pacific Division

Within those three divisions that make up the Western Conference is the Pacific Division. The five teams making up the division are the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings. The Lakers have claimed the most titles at 24, but this year it’s the Warriors who are heating up as favourites. 

NBA Southeast Division

Moving in the opposite direction across the map we’ve got the Southeast Division, one of three in the Eastern Conference. The Atlanta Hawks, the Charlotte Hornets, the Miami Heat, the Orlando Magic and the Washington Wizards makeup this division. The Heat have won the most titles, and they remain the favourites for the 2021-22 season. 

NBA Southwest Division

Flipping back to the Western Conference, the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans, and the San Antonio Spurs comprise this competition. The Mavericks have only won four division titles to the Spurs’ nine, but this year they’re the undeniable favourites, with the Spurs coming in third. 

NBA Eastern Conference

This futures bet requires you to predict the winning team of the Eastern Conference. At the time of writing, most sportsbooks are tossing up between a Kyrie Irving-less Brooklyn Nets and the Giannis Antetokounmpo-led Milwaukee Bucks to take home the conference title, although the Nets are brushing by as slight favourites.  

NBA Western Conference

Last year the Phoenix Suns finished off the Western Conference before losing to the Eastern Conference’s Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs. This year the Suns are fourth in line, with the Jazz and Lakers slightly ahead, and the Warriors leading as Western Conference favourites. 

If you’ve got a taste for NBA futures betting, the Bodog sportsbook will continue to serve up an evolving list of futures, changing up the menu week by week. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked up, and check back every week to see what’s new. Then it’s just your bet slip against the clock. Only the future will tell.