Sports Betting Tips

If you’re at all familiar with eSports, you know that it’s a craze that has swept the world, inspiring dreams of megabucks payouts.



The most common mistake with betting on eSports is throwing your money into a tournament simply because you like the game or the flashy event. Then you’re crying into your cereal because you weren’t prepared.

But that doesn’t have to be you. You can show up with a plan.

Good thing Bodog is here with some tips for better eSports betting strategies, right?

Use odds comparison charts

The odds will tell you how much money you’ll get back from a wager. Keeping an eye out on the numbers sets you up for wiser choices and ripe opportunities.

Use the cash out method 

Pull out of the match early with your winnings if the going is really good, without risking a regrettable loss later on.

Work with totals 

Bet on the “total” game time, total kills, eliminations, or any other facet of the game (odds are roughly 1.83. Not bad).

Go for smaller contests

Betting on smaller contests instead of massively popular tournaments means you can work with a lesser house advantage. That’s more you advantage.

And above all, remember that knowledge is power here. Know your game. Know your league. Make wise choices. Welcome to the Winners Club.