NFL Futures Betting

The odds for NFL futures betting are changing week by week, and getting in early means taking full advantage of those early, long-shot odds. 

Let’s deal in the obvious and wind back to the Buccaneers of last season. They weren’t exactly top of the favourites list as Super Bowl Winners with Nick Fitzgerald leading the pack as quarterback, and sportsbooks had them set at an ambitious +1200 just before week one. Savvy bettors who had been following the Bucs closely sensed an uprising with Brady joining the roster, and predicted he would pull the team through. At that time, a betslip in favour of the Bucs would eventually score big on that prediction, as Brady and the Bucs did indeed hold their heads high and emerged victorious. 

While we’re already in the swing of the 2021-22 season, it’s still early enough to make your own predictions and lock in a solid bet with favourable odds. If your futures sense is solid, your payday is set to outsize your anticipation through the rounds.

If your betting joints are a little creaky still from the off-season, take a moment to review what futures are, how the odds work, and which NFL futures bets are leading the books at Bodog right now.  

What are NFL Futures?

Simply put, NFL Futures are bets you make on the outcome of a future event in the NFL season. Futures don’t necessarily have to rely on the outcome of a match, like the winner of the Super Bowl, although some popular ones do. You can bet on the league MVP, the champions of divisions and conferences, and even more specific bets that can hike up the odds. 

Futures Odds

Futures odds are based on a number of factors. The sportsbook keeps a close eye on players and teams. They note when injuries occur, trades take place, the performance metrics, and any other factors that either increase or decrease the likelihood of winning. 

When you make a futures bet, you’re locked into the odds at that time. The earlier you bet, the higher the payout odds will be since it’s riskier to bet on events that will take place… well, in the future. 

As the games are underway and upsets occur – like Lamar Jackson flipping into the endzone for a long-awaited win against Mahomes and the Chiefs in the AFC – the odds will shift up or down for either team. 

Futures can be hugely rewarding. If they’re made at the right point in the season, when the payout odds are higher, bettors can benefit big time with a winning prediction. 

Popular NFL Futures

These bets are the most popular for future-gazing in the NFL, and each of them are up on the Bodog sportsbook now, accepting betslips. 

Super Bowl Winner

This bet is as cut and dry as they come, and the prime-cut meat of futures betting. You can predict who you think will win the Super Bowl in 2022. Odds range from the Chiefs at +550 favourites to the Seahawks at +2500, but they’re always shifting with the events on the ground. 

League MVP

The past 15 years have seen a quarterback win for MVP in 12 of them. It’s looking unlikely that this year will see a running back like Adrian Peterson rising through the ranks like it’s 2012 all over. It’s far more likely that Patrick Mahomes will run away with his second MVP title, Josh Thomas will ascend up the list, or that rising Cardinals star Kyler Murray will leap over the bigger-name stars as the 2019 first overall draft pick.

Conference Champion

Both the AFC and NFC conference odds are up, and each season promises upsets that send the odds deviating wildly in each direction. We already saw the Ravens pull through by a hair against the Chiefs in the AFC conference. The Bucs met a similar fate when they were overtaken by the Rams in the NFC conference of week 3, swapping out first and second place. Both are a reminder that anything could go down for the conference championship. 

Winning Division

Both the NFC and AFC divisions are split up into North, East, South, and West. Teams wanting their shot at the Lombardi Trophy first have to win their division. It’s not all about the overall league favourites here. You get higher positive odds for a team like the Seahawks defeating the Rams and Cardinals in NFC West or the Browns slipping past the Ravens in AFC North.  

Dual Forecast

If you want to up the stakes with even greater odds, a dual forecast lets you predict the top two teams per division. The two teams you pick for first and second place can finish in either order. The odds can be astronomical for the right bet, like if the Colts or Jaguars place 1st/2nd in AFC South you’re looking at odds of +6600. 

Straight Forecast

For those who prefer an even bigger challenge, a straight forecast is the type of bet that holidays in the Bahamas are made of. Just like a dual forecast, you predict the two teams to place 1st and 2nd, but this time they’ve got to finish in that exact order. The Cowboys are likely contenders to sweep up the NFC East, but the runner-up could go any number of ways, including to the Eagles for +10000 odds.   

Conference of Super Bowl Winner

When the winner of the big event is determined and the trophy has been claimed, one conference will be deemed the “golden child” of the season. Whether it’s the NFC that serves up Tampa Bay, or the AFC that sends Kansas City to the gridiron, either conference could be the one that creates a champion. 

Division of Super Bowl Winner

Just like predicting the future Super Bowl champion’s conference, you can take it to a division level. This bet is commonly an add-on to a Super Bowl champion futures bet, but presents a solid standalone option if you’re inclined to back multiple teams within a single division to win.

NFL Futures betting is guaranteed to spice up the NFL season at Bodog. Adding another layer of anticipation adds another dimension to the game. And with futures betting options that suit fans, number crunchers and risk-takers alike, you needn’t stray out of your comfort zone… unless you enjoy the rush. 

From straight forecasts, MVP winners, division champs, players futures, and of course, the ultimate championship, the Bodog sportsbook is always ahead of the curve and quick with the odds. After all, the future is never far away.