Bodog Boxing Betting

So what’s set to raise our blood pressure next on the boxing calendar? Expect fireworks as Canelo Alvarez fights for his middleweight legacy against Caleb Plant, and watch Terence Crawford attempt to defend his title and undefeated record against Shawn Porter’s 6-match winning streak. 

These are the best boxing odds at Bodog, so prepare to strap on your gloves and knock out those wagers before the bouts begin.  

Bodog’s Best Boxing Odds

Let’s see which fights are set to take centre stage as October finishes up and the rest of 2021 goes the distance.

Dillian Whyte Vs. Otto Wallin – it’s off!

Originally slated for October 30th

Dillian “Bodysnatcher” Whyte has been waiting a long time for his shot at a world title. Until days ago, the British heavyweight was just one winning fight away from facing the formidable Tyson Fury for the world honours. 

Swedish southpaw Otto Wallin was to be the fighter standing between Whyte and his ultimate test, and, despite his underdog status, could legitimately claim his own worth as a title contender, having taken Fury the distance and nearly securing an upset in 2019. 

Now, owing to an intractable shoulder injury, the withdrawal of Whyte has deprived avid followers of an intensely-anticipated match, not to mention the deferral his own ambitions.

Wallin is now publicly calling for an independent medical assessment of Whyte, claiming that here’s “here to fight”, and wants you to know it. Could Whyte’s injury be a blessing in disguise with a 2022 title fight with Fury being touted? Bodog will keep you posted.

Saul Alvarez vs Caleb Plant

November 6th

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is one of the most dominant forces in boxing right now as the unifier of WBA/WBC/WBO Super Middleweight World Championships. In what will be his 60th fight, Canelo’s legacy is on the table as he sets out to compete for all four 168lb middleweight world titles. 

Caleb “Sweethands” Plant is the young gun up against the more seasoned Canelo, who has 40 more fights to his name. Plant will have to cover substantial ground in the ring if he hopes to keep up with Canelo’s fighting style, which unnerves opponents by picking up on pace and accuracy as the match progresses.

Plant may be undefeated at 21-0, but Bodog boxing odds are +600 that Plant’s deft hands and steady feet won’t be enough to upset a fighter of -1100 Canelo’s quality on the biggest stage. 

Terence Crawford Vs. Shawn Porter

November 20th

Undefeated 37-0 Terence Crawford will be defending his WBO welterweight title against no. 2 ranked Shawn Porter in Las Vegas on November 20th. 

Although this will be his first match in over 12 months, Porter, having reigned victorious in the ring for his past six fights, comes off the back of a steady winning streak. The former IBF and WBC Welterweight Champion has never flinched at taking on big names before, and when Porter faces Crawford for the title, this will give the 34-year old knockout specialist and title-holder the biggest test of his run up until now. 

Porter has only lost to the very best in the division, but his Bodog odds of +400 against “Bud” Crawford’s -600 suggest that he could be on the receiving end of another defeat at the highest level.

Boxing Props

Aside from the standard Winning Line bet, there are multiple proposition bets you can make in boxing to rev up more payout opportunities. 

Round Betting

Basically, round betting in boxing (or any other combat sport) means you’re betting on the exact round when a fight will end. If the fight ends mid-round, the bet is paid out based on the last round that was completed. 

“Will the fight go the distance?” Betting

In boxing, to “go the distance” means to complete all rounds until the final bell, allowing the judges’ scorecards to determine the victor. In the case of two heavyweights who pack a great deal of power battling it out in the ring, there’s always a good chance the fight won’t make the distance, which is precisely the type of factor to consider when making your bet on this prop.  

For the fighters, going the distance means a grueling battle to near exhaustion. Luckily for you, it’s a simple bet and all you have to decide is “yes” or “no”, then enjoy getting paid at the odds if your 50/50 prediction was correct. 

Specials Betting

There are other types of boxing bets that get even more specific, and offer impressive odds for a winning choice. 

Total Number of Rounds

This can also be called a “Fight Length” bet. It’s done in an over/under format based on the number of rounds it takes for a fight to end. So if the bet says:

Over 2.5
Under 2.5

…you would bet “over” if you believe the fight will go past the second round, and you’d bet “under” if you think the bout will end before round three. 

Method of Victory

Just as the name implies, your bet predicts the method of victory, whether it be via score, unanimous decision, split decision, or knockout. Think you can predict the judges’ cards? This may be the bet for you.

Exact Round + Method Of Victory

As well as the method of victory, this bet predicts which round will end the fight. You can choose between:

  • Decision
  • Knock out 
  • Technical knockout 
  • Disqualification
  • Draw
  • Unanimous decision (in some cases)

Winning Fighter + Exact Round

Here you’re betting on the outright winner of the fight, as well as the exact round they win in. 

Bodog always has the most accurate boxing odds that tap into on-the-ground information, updated regularly and ready for your wagers. Want to try your hand in the ring? Head to our “Sports” section, find your bout, and watch your bet in full swing. With any luck, it’s going to pack a punch.