NFL Betting Power Rankings for November

NFL season is in full swing, and Bodog NFL betting odds are up for your wagers. We’re watching with eyes glued to the games as teams like Dallas perform consistently well against the spread, while others, like Miami, don’t come close to their standings in 2020. 

So which are the best teams to keep your eye on ATS? It’s all here and more, so be sure to jump on your bet slips early to get the most out of your almighty dollar as you share in the action.    

NFL Betting Power Rankings


As the leaders ATS in 2021, Dallas so far has covered all six games with a 9.8 margin of victory at an average of +8.8 points. 

Green Bay

Green Bay is tied with Arizona at 83.3% games covered, but they boast a significantly smaller MOV at only 1.3 points for an average of -3.0 points covered.  


The Cardinals have only fallen one game short of covering the spread out of six games, with a substantial 14.2 point victory.


The Colts have covered an average of +3.0 points ATS with a 1.3 point margin of victory. 


The Titans are 4-2 ATS, tying them with the Colts along with a 0.8 MOV. 

LA Chargers

There were only two games in which the Chargers didn’t manage to cover the spread, but overall they’ve covered +0.2 points with four successful games.  

LA Rams

The Rams have covered four games ATS on average of +4.3 points and 8.7 MOV, leaving only two where they fell short. 


Buffalo’s margin of victory is padded at 17.5 points with a 4-2 record and an average of +11.0 points covered. 

New Orleans

The Saints are now 3-2 ATS, winning with a 7.2 point MOV and covering an average of +5.9 points.


Detroit is 3 for 3 ATS, landing them at a solid 50% along with a -10 point margin of defeat and an average of -3.0 points covered.  


The Ravens were at the top of their game in 2020 ATS, finishing off with 11-7 and 61.1%. This year they’re not quite there with just 50% games won ATS.


The Browns have already covered 50% of their games, which is already greater than last year’s 44.4%, and they’ve managed to cover an average of -1.8 points. 


With a -13.3 margin of defeat, Houston has covered an average of -2.8 points ATS over three games. 


The Panthers are currently at 3-3 with a 3.7 point margin of victory and an average of +3.0 points covered, falling just short of their 2020 percentage of 56.2%.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is just where they were last year at 50% of games covered ATS, but this time they’re at a 0.5 point MOV instead of a -2.8 point MOD. 


Back in 2020 Seattle had a MOV sitting at 4.6. This year they’re looking at a -1.5 margin of defeat and an average of -1.7 points covered. 


The Broncos have managed to cover an average of -1.8 points over three games with a 2.7 MOV. 


The Eagles have performed significantly better this year ATS at 50%, covering an average of +1.9 points at a -2.5 MOV.    


2021 is looking up for Minnesota fans since they’re already 3-3 with a 1.7 point MOV. 


Chicago has just barely surpassed their 2020 record of 47.1%, with 50% of this season’s games covered ATS. 


Bengals fans are tit-for-tat so far this season with a 3-3 record, a 6.2 point MOV, and an average of +5.9 points covered thus far.


Just barely behind their own 2020 odds, Atlanta has covered 40% of their games ATS. They’ve got a -8.6 MOD and an average of -6.4 points covered. 


Considering that last year the Steelers were stealing the show with 10-7 games ATS, this year’s 33.3% and -2.5 margin of defeat isn’t looking too good for Pittsburg.  


The Jaguars are at 2-4, making their 33.3% fall short of the 43.8% games they covered ATS in 2020, along with a -9.3 margin of defeat in 2021.  

Tampa Bay

The 2020 season had Tampa Bay and the Buccaneers leading the ranks in the top eight teams ATS, but this year the Bucs haven’t quite cut it, coming in at just 33.3% of games covered and an 8.5 point MOV. 

Kansas City

The Chiefs are tied up with the Bucs at 33.3%, but their MOV is significantly less at 1.5, and they’ve covered an average of -3.8 points ATS.


Miami was the 2020 leader ATS with an 11-5 record. The 2021 season hasn’t been so lucky for Dolphins fans as they’ve only managed to cover 33.3% of their games at a -13.0 margin of defeat. 

New England

Looking at a record of 2-4 games ATS, the Patriots will have some work to do in order to raise their -2.0 point average.

New York Giants

Also with a 2-4 record thus far in 2021, the Giants have seen a giant -10.5 margin of defeat. 

San Francisco

With only one game won against the spread this season, the 49ers have a lot of ground to cover if they want to rival even their own 2020 record of 43.8%. 

New York Jets

The Jets have covered only 20% of their games with a sobering -10.8 margin of defeat.


At 58.8%, games ATS were looking good for the WA Football Team in 2020, but this year they’ve fallen down to a rock bottom 16.7%, only covering for one game.  

The one predictable factor in any NFL season is that it’s always unpredictable, and that’s where betting ATS on your betslip can expand your winning scope while reducing your risk. By allowing you to back your favourite teams from a more even playing field, spread betting is your ticket to increased confidence, and therefore, to an all-round more enjoyable game. Get your betslip sorted now.