UFC 291 Preview: Mac Mally Breakdown

The BMF belt is back for the UFC’s return to Utah, and they brought in the only two men that can redeem whatever honour the baddest belt ever had in the first place. While it’s not really a title fight, no one cares because this fight is the cherry on top of a PPV card that’s already absolutely bonkers as it is. Our man Mac Mally is on hand to deliver another knockout write-up with his UFC 291 preview, so let’s dive in!

UFC 291 Preview: Mac Mally Breakdown

Tony Ferguson vs Bobby Green


Nothing hurts more than seeing some of our favorites decline with age. Tony Ferguson once owned one of the craziest and bloody win streaks the sport has ever seen. Nothing but action and victory. Some might blame age; some might blame fight miles, but Tony Ferguson has racked up both. He takes on hardcore fan favourite Bobby Green who while only being a couple of years younger has taken considerably less damage. Tony’s winless streak in his last 5 doesn’t look incredibly terrible on paper when you look at who he fought compared to Bobby’s last 5. (2-2-0-1). Let’s be honest, some of El Cucuy’s last few were hard to watch, but he appeared to show glimpses of his former self in his last two. I’m just going to say it, Bobby Green might be on a three-fight skid right now if he hadn’t billy goated Jared Gordon into oblivion in his last fight that resulted in a no contest. I believe Tony’s got enough left to AT LEAST not be a +285 dog. I could totally be wrong, but I’ll be putting a few bucks on El Cucuy in hopes we see that old flame burn bright at least one more time.

Wonderboy vs Michel Pereira

Have you ever seen Never Back Down? Ok, this fight is going to look like that capoeira scene if Pereira tries any of that. Wonderboy is one of the best strikers of all time from range, and that has to be considered in my UFC 291 preview. Especially if you come flying into it upside down and backwards. Wonderboy proved in his fight with Kevin Holland that he’s still got it. Michel has shown noticeable improvements in his game and specifically his gas tank and control in the octagon, but this might be one where the Utah altitude takes a toll. Regardless, I’ll be putting dollar bills on the NMF as a slight favorite.

Jan Blachowicz vs Alex Pereira

Polish Power vs Left Hand Go Brrrrrr. This is one is one of those ones that can be simply defined as “he could catch him” but that’s about it. Jan Blachowicz is as well rounded as a lot of fighters get and already showed that against the once again champion, Israel Adesanya. Alex Pereira may possess an Infinity Stone level of power in his left hand, but he needs to find that chin and he needs to do it fast because Jan Blachowicz can most likely take him down at will. I’m a little surprised this line is as close as it is. It’s pretty much a pick’em between a former champ who was recently knocked out and moving up a weight class and a former champ and mainstay in the top of the light heavyweight division over the last few years. I’d sprinkle some cash on the left hand of doom if the odds looked a little more reasonable. I’m taking Jan Blachowicz.

Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje

As I type this, I’m wearing my favorite sports shirt that says, “I just hope both teams have fun.” Both fighters have sharpened and wised up since their first encounter. These two don’t even have “that dawg in ‘em” they have MFing honey badgers. In the first fight, Gaethje seemed to be doing more damage and had Poirier on his theoretical back paws, but we all know why they call him the Diamond. Poirier historically isn’t as easy to hit, and especially rock. Often times when we see an absolute slobber knocker in a fight, we get a much more controlled and not so action-packed rematch. I truly don’t know how this one goes down, but I’d bet my lunch money that my last sentence is not the case. I don’t think these guys are capable of not putting on a banger even if there was a $50k bonus for the WORST fight of the night. Go ahead and don’t worry about asking for someone to save you your spot on the couch when you get up to grab a pre-main event beer before this one because most fans are going to be standing. My official pick? Read my first sentence of this paragraph but I’ll take Gaethje just for the underdog odds. Regardless, it’s “USA, USA, USA” in this ho because Derrick Lewis is flying under the radar on the card as well.



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