Will Drake Be Ejected From Any Raptors Game Next Season?

Will Rapper Drake’s antics have him ejected from any Raptors games next season? That’s the question Bodog dissects in this preview.


Only a loose handful of superstars reach a level of fame that permits them recognition by their famous first names alone. This exclusive club consists of legends like Cher, Prince, Madonna, Oprah, Usher and Adele. Another of these is Drake, a rapper whose name we’ve all heard, and who’s got very good at making a name for himself.

Among his many antics, NBA fans probably best remember the fact that Drake was almost ejected from games after partaking in some strange activities in 2019. Since then, Drake  betting has become a popular prop market among basketball fans at Bodog.

Now that we’ll have a full NBA season under “normal” conditions again, and therefore NBA betting Canada is back to normal as well, without restrictions on spectator numbers, we’re likely to see the Canadian rapper at more Raptors games next season, possibly even getting ejected from a game.

Such is the anticipation surrounding whether the Canadian star will “Hold On” or whether he will be “Going Home” during any Raptors games this season, Bodog have wasted no time in revealing the odds.

At the time of writing, the “One Dance” rap sensation is predicted to behave himself, with odds of -2500 on him not being ejected from a game this coming season disappointing bettors who want to see the drama unfold.

If you think we’ve got this one wrong, you can have your say with odds of +800 on the 35-year old being removed from the court.

Let’s see what kind of NBA antics Drake might get himself into this year, along with the odds to bank on them.


What Did Drake Do?

If you’re not totally up to speed with Drake’s antics at NBA games, you may be feeling a little lost here. So let’s catch you up!

Drake is a 35-year-old Canadian rapper who grew up in Toronto. Although he has US citizenship and spends a lot of time south of the border, he remains a big fan of his hometown’s NBA team and makes it to games quite frequently.

In fact, the team has even described Drake as its “honorary, unpaid ambassador” since as far back as 2013.


So in 2019, when the Toronto Raptors made it to the NBA playoffs, Drake made sure he was there to watch history being made.

Being the big star that he is, Drake found himself sitting comfy at courtside for many of the games. It was during this time that he sparked a bit of a controversy by getting up and engaging in some unconventional activities.

Perhaps the most notable of these occurred during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals when he got out of his seat to treat the head coach of the Toronto Raptors, Nick Nurse, to a shoulder massage in the middle of a timeout.

Milwaukee Bucks fans and officials were quick to point fingers and question whether Drake was in breach of the NBA’s fan code of conduct by partaking in “disruptive behaviour”, sparking the league to speak to the Raptors.

At the time, fans began betting on whether Drake would be ejected from a game before the playoffs ended, though he managed to behave well enough to watch his beloved team make history as the first Canadian team to win the NBA Championship.

Drake’s Odds: Will He, Won’t He?

Although things had gone quiet for a while, this popular Drake betting market is in full swing again as fans begin to predict whether Drake will take his antics to a whole new level in the upcoming season.

This isn’t just a cheap rerun of something that was funny three years ago. There is a chance, albeit small, that Drake takes things to another level in 2022-23 and is asked to vacate the premises.

Right now, the Drake betting odds are:

  • No, Drake won’t be asked to leave and gets to watch all the games in peace (-2500)
  • Yes, Drake will be ejected from an NBA next season (+800)

If you’re considering putting some stakes on Drake betting, here are some of the things worth considering.

The Performance of the Toronto Raptors

This whole saga began because the Toronto Raptors had made their way into the final stages of the NBA playoffs. As the unpaid and unofficial mascot of the team, Drake was taking his duties very seriously and attempted to cheer on the players and create a positive atmosphere that would help his beloved team perform.

It’s also possible that Drake just got caught up in the moment as a childhood dream was finally being realized. So it’s no great stretch to imagine that Drake could get up to these same tricks if the Raptors were to have another good season and mount a challenge for the championship. As it stands, the Raptors aren’t looking overly strong in the futures market, with odds of +2800 to win the NBA Championship next season.

That said, the Canadian side had much worse odds of +6600 this time four years ago, so it is entirely possible.

With this in mind, it’s worth keeping an eye on Toronto Raptors news, as any new developments that arise could improve their odds of winning the championship, and thus increase the chances of Drake catching more over-excitement and being ejected.

Drake’s New Album

Drake has also recently released a new album. You may be wondering what that has to do with his chances of being thrown out of a basketball game, but there’s actually quite a big connection.

The album titled “Honestly, Nevermind” dropped last month and has already made a big stir, particularly in the basketball community.

Although the rapper is no stranger to name-dropping star ballers, he’s taken it to a whole new level with his latest release. In fact, shortly after the album dropped, the Minnesota Timberwolves forward Jarred Vanderbilt described it as “Drake trolling ”.

Meanwhile, R. J. Hampton, point guard for the Orlando Magic, took to Twitter to say “he ain’t do me like this…say it ain’t so”.

While it appears none of Drake’s musical mentions were intended to upset these ballers, it’s clear the Canadian’s taste for mischief is very strong. If he keeps this up over the coming weeks and months, then it’s possible he could become more likely to get himself into a spot of bother when he gets courtside again.


Will Drake be thrown out of an NBA game this season? We can’t say for sure, though he has come much closer than most other celebrities that have been at courtside. It’s clear the performance of the Raptors and Drake’s own propensity for joking around are the factors you will need to bear in mind for  , so be sure to log in to Bodog and tell us your thoughts with a bet slip.