2021 March Madness Preview

2021 March Madness Preview for Online Betting

After all the months of uncertainty leading to the big dance, March Madness is finally upon us. No one is happier to watch the ball begin to roll than our own Bodog bettors, who often already know a thing or two about how to bet on March Madness. Even so, it could pay to take a few minutes out to get caught up on those top teams with the best March Madness odds

There may be some key favourites on the board, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that March Madness is full of surprises – and that certain underdogs can’t be underestimated. From the favourites to the hopeful contenders, through to this year’s budding Cinderellas, the odds of winning March Madness are up right now, ready and ripe with the fruits of opportunity. 

Let’s get that party started. 

Top March Madness Favourites

First up are the top 3 teams with the most impressive stats this season and the overall greatest chance of sweeping up the court. 

Gonzaga Bulldogs

As the undeniable leader of the favourites this year, the Zags stand at the top of the mountain of odds to win March Madness. With a 20-0 record this season, senior forward Corey Kispert has lived up to his stardom and led his team through an undefeated season

The Bulldogs are leading in stats, averaging 93 points per game and sinking 58.7% shots from the field, plus 75.7% of their foul shots. If history means anything, we can be sure Gonzaga will hold their own in March Madness odds this year, and they’re your safest bet. 

Baylor Bears

Baylor is on the rise just barely behind Gonzaga, and tightly secured as the second favourites for March Madness odds. Although there’s a good chance they won’t surpass a second ranking in college basketball, a strong 17-0 record in the Big 12 conference speaks for itself. 

If anything, we can rely on the Bears’ defense to keep the ball out of the danger zone. Only an average of 62.8 points per game have made it past their tight claws thus far. Upfront in the realm of offense, they’re averaging 87 points per game. If anyone has a chance at giving Gonzaga a run for their money, the Bears are it. 

Ohio Buckeyes

With an impressive overall record of 18-1 this season, the Buckeyes aren’t far behind. If anything, forward E.J. Liddell and guard Duane Washington Jr. are the driving force behind Ohio’s offense. Combined, they boast 30 points and 10 rebounds per game. When you add small forward Justin Ahrens and multi-faceted Kyle Young in the mix, you’ve got a player that hits 48% of his three pointers, and a jack-of-all trades that leaves no corner unraveled.

Keeping strong tabs on favourite #3 is how you might bet on March Madness with some confidence, but don’t get too carried away: Ohio will be on our radar for a while yet, but don’t count on them to be the break-out leaders. 

Top March Madness Contenders

Just under these favourites are the three teams who are destined to keep the ball rolling and rising up their ranks with contendable force. 

Villanova Wildcats

Nova started out strong with a 7-1 season, including a Texas defeat, only to sink down to 4-1 after taking a Covid-related break. Villanova’s frontcourt talent is strong, although lacking in essential size with their two regular starters standing at only 6’9. Despite that, the Wildcats still managed to come out of the Eastern Conference at 10-1. Behind all of that is a star defense that’s outscored their last two opponents by 42 points. Keep an eye out for Nova. 

Michigan Wolverines

The Wolverines have held their own thus far, hanging on to a number 3 ranking out of the top 25. Only the Big Ten will tell whether or not they can hold their spot. With a roster full of top-10 upperclassmen talent, as well as some highly contending freshman like Hunter Dickinson, there’s no reason the Wolverines can’t fight their way to the top. 

Iowa Hawkeyes

The Hawkeyes are rising up as a title threat thanks to a killer offense. Their offense comes in second place for total points in the game, falling just barely behind Luka Garza who happens to be the National Player of the Year. If anything holds Iowa back, it may be their own defense which ranks in the rock bottom of 99th place. But their odds to win March Madness are far from zero, and they have a solid chance of making waves. 

Top March Madness Cinderellas

Look out for who’s gone above and beyond thus far. March Madness odds reflect the true fighters, and these teams fit the bill. 

Drake Bulldogs

With a strong 13-0 start to the season, the Bulldogs have had a solid head start in exceeding our expectations. With shots sinking in 50% from the floor, an agile offense, ShanQuan Hemphill at 14.4 points per game, and Roman Penn gathering up 5.7 assists per game, Drake has gone far out of their way to carve their name out in the odds to win March Madness. 

Loyola-Chicago Ramblers

Following Drake is former Missouri Valley Conference leaders Loyola-Chicago. Back in 2018 the Ramblers ended with 17-3 in the final four under coach Porter Moser. While the team itself has changed, Moser is still at the helm as coach. Above all, a 10-game winning streak including both a 42-point and 36-point win have secured the Ramblers as blooming Cinderellas for March Madness odds this year. 

Belmont Bruins

Hall of Fame Coach Rick Bayrd carried quite the reputation with 805 wins under his belt. He retired in 2019, leaving the Bruins in a questionable state. Despite that, Belmont has held their own under new Coach Casey Alexander”, and have yet to lose a game since December 5. With Nick Muszynski, who’s toting 15.1 points per game decorating the offensive roster among other stars, the Bruins deserve their fair spot.  
Head over to your account and get ready to deposit and play now. March Madness is just around the corner, and your bet slips are ready to work as hard for you as the winning teams surely will.