MLB Crypto Betting: Bodog’s How-to Guide

MLB Crypto Betting

If you’re looking for a game to bet on, baseball has more to offer than all the other major pro sports in North America. The 162-game regular season in Major League Baseball is twice as long as the NBA and NHL seasons, and nearly 10 times longer than the NFL’s. More games means more chances to bet, and more chances to win. You can get even more bang for your buck with MLB crypto betting at Bodog Sportsbook.


Crypto betting is the smart way to get your money down on all of your favourite sports, including the great game of baseball. We’ll show you how to bet on MLB with crypto in this quick and simple guide, which covers the nuts and bolts of betting with Bitcoin and other digital coins at Bodog.

Depositing Crypto

If you’ve already set up your free Bodog Sportsbook account and you’ve made a few transactions, your first crypto deposit will be a piece of cake – just select one of our accepted digital coins as your deposit method. Here’s the current list, which is always expanding:

– Bitcoin

– Bitcoin SV

– Bitcoin Cash

– Ethereum

– Litecoin

– Tether

Not familiar with MLB crypto betting yet? These digital coins are “decentralized” currencies, meaning they’re not controlled by a government or financial institution. All you need in order to use them is a cryptocurrency digital wallet, which you can download for free onto your smartphone or other device, and an account at a cryptocurrency exchange, where you can buy and sell crypto using Canadian dollars or any other standard “fiat” currency.

Here at Bodog Sportsbook, we recommend using a registered crypto exchange for added security when beginning your MLB crypto betting. Popular sites like Coinbase also offer integrated crypto wallets, which make doing business even easier. We’ll discuss which digital coin(s) you should use in a moment; meanwhile, don’t forget to claim your 100% Crypto Sports Bonus if this will be your first deposit with crypto at Bodog. We’ll match that deposit dollar-for-dollar for up to $600 in free bonus cash that you can use to bet on baseball and all the other great sports on our menu.

Betting with Crypto

Once you’ve made your crypto deposit, you can bet on MLB games at Bodog Sportsbook exactly the same way you would with any other currency. We instantly convert your funds to Canadian dollars at the point of deposit, so you don’t have to worry about the price of crypto going up or down in between bets – or figuring out what fraction of a digital coin you want to wager.

Check out our MLB odds page at Bodog for all of the upcoming games you can bet on. There’s always something on the list, even during the offseason, when you can bet on which team will win the next World Series. Add your chosen wagers to your Bet Slip, make any changes you want, then submit your bets and await the results. Live MLB betting is also available if you want to keep the action rolling while the games are on.

Withdrawing Crypto

Once you’ve won some bets and have some extra cash in your Bodog Sportsbook account, you can keep your funds secure in your account – again, they’ll be in Canadian dollars, not crypto – or you can request a withdrawal. Just like with deposits, these transactions will go much more smoothly when you use crypto to move your money around; just select your chosen digital coin as the withdrawal method, then we’ll convert your funds back into the requested cryptocurrency and send them to your crypto wallet.


At this point, what you do with your crypto is entirely up to you, but we recommend you don’t keep anything but a nominal amount at your chosen exchange, unless they also provide your wallet. If you want to “hold” your crypto as an investment, move it from the exchange to your wallet for added security. There’s no use in leaving your funds at the exchange if you’re not converting them from one currency to another.

Benefits of Crypto Betting

So why are so many people making the switch to MLB crypto betting? It’s all about having control over your money. Using credit cards to make deposits used to be easy, but that’s not the case anymore, as most of those third parties have become resistant to online gambling. You don’t have to worry at all about getting blocked when you use crypto at Bodog.

Even if you’re able to use other methods to move your funds around, crypto lets you do it more quickly, more securely, and with lower fees attached. The technology behind Bitcoin and other digital coins is simply that much better than what other methods provide – and it keeps improving every day.

Which Crypto Should I Choose?

This is where you really get to see how these digital coins shape up. Bitcoin is the undisputed industry leader, with a market cap of well over $500 billion at press time. But because so many people are using it, you might have to wait a little longer for your transactions to go through, and you might have to pay slightly higher fees. But Bitcoin’s proven track record makes it the ideal choice for many first-time users.

The next options are Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. These “hard forks” are like updated versions of the original Bitcoin, otherwise using exactly the same proven platform. Bitcoin SV (short for “Satoshi Vision”) is the more recent update of the two, launched in November 2018. Using BSV lets you enjoy most of the same benefits as Bitcoin, but with more speed and smaller transaction fees.

Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether also have their pros and cons – find out more by consulting our Crypto FAQ and Help guides, then get on board and enjoy MLB crypto betting right here at Bodog Sportsbook.