Top 5 New Games at Bodog Casino

Our most frequent players know that at Bodog Casino, we like to keep things fresh with our new games. Here are 5 of the best new games you can play at Bodog Casino right now.

Bodog Casino only ever gets bigger and better; and we know that’s why you keep on coming back.

Every day of the year, you can play your way through hundreds of the best online slots you’ll find anywhere, but we don’t rest on our substantial laurels. Bodog’s mission is to gift players with a constant flow of fresh titles that deliver new and creative features. Our ever-growing catalogue of games offers more extravagant and immersive ways to win, with fun, intriguing, moody, stunning, mysterious, quirky, engaging and wholly unique themes that guarantee a brand-new kind of experience.


Our straight-out-of-the-box online slots review represents the five hottest slots on our reels right now, and you’ll soon know why. They’re all dressed up and ready to launch directly onto your mobile or PC’s screen and load you up with brand new features and rewards.

When Bodog goes big, Bodog goes big with the best online slots. Go ahead – they’re all yours.

Wild Bandito

Band by day, bandits by night – follow the music and steal back the show.

A gang of mariachi singers travel by day with their infectious music, lighting up city squares with their guitarróni and vihuela… but as soon as night falls, you’d better beware.

This travelling band turns into a gang of bandits, robbing the city blind. They are silent as a whisper as they float through the night, which has long been the stuff of folklore – if you ask the locals, they’ll swear that the tunemakers are truly a band of ghosts. They might also tell you that if you hear the strumming of their instruments when the moon is high, then follow your ears! They will lead you to their hiding place, where you could finally put an end to their thievery – and, presumably, their musical careers.

If you’re brave enough to follow the music and pursue the Wild Bandito gang, then this slot has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1,024 ways to find them. The cascading symbols in the base game doubles your multiplier each time it wins, while the gold-framed symbol on the middle reels serves as your Wild. If you pursue the band into the free spins round, you’ll find every regular symbol on reel 3 has a gold frame, naturally increasing your multiplier and your chances of capturing the ghostly bandits.

Wild Fireworks

Let there be light – and let it be explosive.

In Chinese culture, it’s common for fireworks to be released into the sky to keep misfortune at bay and to instead welcome good luck into daily life.

In Wild Fireworks, you join their tradition where festive hats, firework rockets and pots of gold coins soar through the reels of this slot in a merry blur. As the deep blue sky becomes ablaze with the dancing light of the festival, cascading reels tumble down to help you increase your wins.

Each time a symbol is involved in a win, your balance explodes into the sky and paydays come raining down in a brilliance of light. If there are Wilds involved in your win, they stack on the reels and add a multiplier of 2x.

The lotus flower scatter symbol inspires quiet awe over the reels as it graces them with a delicate caress. Three of them will transport you to the bonus round where 10 free spins await you, and each additional lotus flower that comes your way thereafter adds two more spins. Tranquillity has never been this

Gorilla Riches

Turns out the king of the jungle is stashing more than just the keys to the kingdom.

In the home of the gorilla, deep within the jungles of the earth’s unexplored terrain, there is an extra large game board with 5 reels and 5 rows, and Wild multipliers that are swinging to break free from their free-spinning habitat.


As you enter the home of the Wild beast, your senses will be overwhelmed as butterflies, parrots, and frogs frolic through the lush green vegetation. Every so often the grunt and the growl of the gorilla himself breaks through the sound of the birds, and when it does, prepare to hold your ground.

As the gorilla emerges from his lair behind the ferns, you might be startled by the stern look on his face. Don’t fear – the beast may be frightening but he is far from cruel. He will invite you through his golden gate scatters to enter the free spins round, and there you can win Gorilla Riches like multipliers that reach up to 64x, additional free spins, and the hard-won respect of the jungle’s most intimidating beast.

Tiger Jungle

Enter the almighty jungle, where majestic beasts know the secret of the scatter temple.

Tiger Jungle invites you to relish in the natural beauty of the Indian jungle; a place where bears amble through the pampas grasses, tigers sunbathe on the rocks, foxes cradle their young, and cougars crouch silently beneath the branches of a fern tree.

A great hornbill has alerted the resident creatures to the human in their midst – that would be you – and the entire jungle awakens with anticipation. They know of a secret scatter temple just beyond the thick brush up ahead, and only a human like yourself can land three of them to get eight free spins with sticky Wilds.

There is beauty everywhere in the jungle, but nothing is more stunning than the pink lotus flower bonus symbol. Six or more lotus flowers will lead you to the Hold and Win bonus round, where 15 of the flower symbols sticking to the board will cause the animals to cry out in celebration as you are awarded the grand jackpot.

Jurassic Kingdom

Something ancient and colossal is stirring in the Jurassic era, and its rewards are epic.

What you’re about to see is a brand-new slot that pushes the boundaries even among the ever-evolving creativity of the modern game. Are you ready for something special?

In the Kingdom of the dinosaurs from long, long ago, when the earth was ruled by scales and talons, little would survive the dramatic demise of its ancient beastly inhabitants. Only mystery would fill its place. No modern man had ever revealed the truth of this land that 100 million years of time nearly forgot… until we discovered the Jurassic Kingdom.


Those who enter the 6×4 Kingdom are awed by the sight of giant creatures long lost to natural history as they’re rediscovered by humankind. An extra-large game board is taken over by their thundering roars, and each spin wields a unique set of paylines that can reach up to 46,656X. Cascading symbols tumble down, shedding progressive multipliers that don’t stop there – a free spins round will also see your multipliers increase in suitably Jurassic-era fashion.

Players beware… you are in their world now, and there’s nothing to shield your evolved human form from the full wrath of their raw, prize-awarding power.


Your game is up. The latest suite of top-notch gaming entertainment is signed, sealed and delivered, and now the keys to the kingdom are yours. It’s time to unlock the gate and enter the realm of the best online slots you can find.