Live Dealer: A Personal Experience

Bring the live experience of an in-person land casino into your living room when you play with a live dealer at Bodog. It’s an unrivalled experience that will have you returning for more.

With over 300 slots and a sweeping range of table games ready to compete for your discerning tastes, you already know that Bodog is the place to be for online casino gaming. But let’s get real; slots and table games are standard for any online casino – if they didn’t have them, they wouldn’t be in the casino business at all.

So, what sets Bodog apart? Aside from the obvious fact that we’re Canada’s most trusted and longest-running online casino, it’s our live dealer casino experience that truly makes Bodog the one to beat.


With the live casino at Bodog, you get the immersive, high-quality entertainment of playing your favourite table games, like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, but with a real human being and their beating heart leading the experience in real-time, delivering the best of both worlds.

Here’s your ticket to the true Live Dealer experience.

How does a live casino work?

Here’s the deal. Your dealer or croupier is at a physical studio using real-life, high-end equipment to guide your game. They’re filmed on live stream, allowing you to watch every move and every play unfold from the Bodog Casino website, exactly as though you were at the table in person. The controls for the game are also displayed on your screen, with your live dealer having their own screen to monitor your bets and moves. Other players will naturally be seated at the virtual table, alongside a chat feature allowing you to communicate, but you won’t actually see one another (it keeps the dress code casual, at the very least).

The live dealer casino offers the best of both gaming worlds; playing from the comfort of your own home, and having the flow and thrill of a live casino experience.

Are you ready to level up your table games with something more real?

Lights, camera, action. We’re going live.

Live Dealer Blackjack

You’ll choose from two versions when you play live dealer Blackjack: classic Blackjack and Blackjack Early Payout.

Both versions are largely played the way you know and love, but slightly different with a human in the mix:

  1. The dealer announces when it’s time to place the bets.
  2. You place a bet on your screen, and it’s recorded on the dealer’s side.
  3. The dealer deals two cards face-up on the table for you and one card face-up and one card face down for themself.
  4. You decide on your move and enter it through your screen.
  5. The dealer sees your choice and records your win, which you’ll also see on your screen.
  6. The round begins again!

In a typical game of Blackjack, you stay in the game until the entire round is over – that is until the dealer reveals their second card and you’ve decided to stand for your final move and end the round. At Bodog, we throw some more potential into the mix with Blackjack Early Payout.

For Early Payout, you can fold your cards at any time in the round, including before the dealer reveals their second card. You then take whatever bet you’ve got and end the round.


Now, in either version of Blackjack with a live dealer, you have yet another option to increase your winning potential, and it’s called “bet behind”.

To bet behind in Blackjack means to place a bet on another player at the table. So, now, whenever they win, you win, too. Bear in mind this is also true for whenever they lose, so use this feature with the same caution you apply to your own hand.

Live Dealer Roulette

There are two types of live dealer Roulette to choose from: American and European. Regardless of the type, the way you play Roulette is exactly the same as when you play it online, only now you’ve got a human croupier spinning the wheel.

Here’s how you play live dealer Roulette:

  1. The croupier will announce the time for bets.
  2. Place your bet by selecting the numbers on the Roulette table laid out on your screen.
  3. The croupier will tell you when betting is closed and then announce they are spinning the wheel.
  4. The croupier physically spins the wheel, and you’ll watch as the ball rolls around and settles into its fateful pocket.
  5. Your bet is settled immediately, and bets are open for another round.

The difference between American and European Roulette comes down to the setup of pockets on each wheel.

In American Roulette, there are 38 pockets in total, with numbers 1-36 alternating in red and black, plus two green pockets for 0 and 00 side by side.

In European Roulette, there are 37 pockets in total, also with numbers 1-36. This time, however, there is only one green pocket with one “0”.

The games are played identically, but European Roulette has a distinctly lower house edge due to the single zero, so the stats swing more in your favour with live dealer European Roulette.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Whether at a live casino or simply online, the point of Baccarat is to see who gets the closest to a sum of nine with their cards – and it doesn’t even have to be you left with the winning hand.

At the start of the game, you choose whether to bet on the banker, the player, or a tie occurring between the two. If the option you chose is the winner, then you win.


Here’s how you play live dealer Baccarat:

  1. The dealer will announce the time to place your bets.
  2. You place your bet on your screen.
  3. The dealer will deal two cards face up for each player and the banker directly on the table.
  4. In some cases, a third card might be necessary, and the dealer would then deal it now.
  5. The winner is determined and displayed on the screen, and you’re paid out if you selected the correct bet.
  6. …and so it begins again!

If you want to shake things up even more, there’s another variation of Baccarat called Super 6. In Super 6, you play the same as regular Baccarat, but now you have the option of placing a Super 6 side bet. That bet means you’re paid extra if the Banker wins the round on 6 points, whether you bet on the Banker, player, or tie.

Games are always better with a human touch, and the payouts with live casino games are just as real as a bag of gold in your hand. That’s what makes Live Dealer such an enticing proposition for new and regular players alike. Now – whenever you’re ready to slide into the chair, just head to the live dealer casino and enjoy that moment when a human voice takes your game to the next level.