Best Crypto Coins To Use At Bodog

You may already know Bodog to be the leading online Canadian casino. But did you also know we make it easy for crypto users to deposit and withdraw in crypto also? Read on.

It’s official: Bitcoin betting is now the most popular way to bet at Bodog Casino. And we’ve done the hard yards to get there, making sure the fastest, most user-friendly and reliable cryptos are on our books so that Bodog bettors have access to easy, secure deposits and hassle-free withdrawals.

Over 19,000 types of cryptocurrency are blitzing through the universe as we speak, but Bodog has hand-selected the six best for use in our selection of games. Regardless of the coin you choose for crypto betting, be sure it’s already lightyears faster, more private, and more secure than your typical bank card.

To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of each digital token accepted at Bodog. When you’re done familiarizing yourself with the currency of the future, you’ll be able to choose the crypto that works best for you – or at the very least, keep up at parties when the crypto diehards argue over what coins should make up their online wallets.

Either way, Bodog’s got your back – so let’s talk crypto.


If anyone’s ever heard of crypto, then they’ve heard of Bitcoin. It’s the O.G. of cryptocurrency, designed and developed way back in 2009. But does that make it the best choice overall?

Yes – and no. The most annoying of answers, but also the truest in this case. Some of the biggest advantages of the world’s first cryptocurrency include some of the same reasons for its drawbacks.


Bitcoin (BTC) has been around longer than its competitors, after all, meaning it’s more accessible than the rest. The security of Bitcoin is also the highest of any other crypto since it still has the highest hash rate (computational power) on the market.

By the same token, a higher user base clogs the blockchains more often, which can mean longer wait times for your cash when you bet with Bitcoin. We’re still only talking 24 hours compared to your bank’s 72 hours (or more), but when compared to the other cryptos, it’s a big chunk of time.

Bitcoin betting pros:

  • Highest security
  • More convenient
  • Most established crypto

Bitcoin betting cons:

  • Longer wait times (up to 24 hours)
  • Comparatively higher fees (again, these are still negligible when compared to bank card fees)


Ethereum is the second most popular option when it comes to crypto betting and the second-largest digital token in the entire crypto market. It was created in 2013 – four years after Bitcoin was established – so it’s had a lot of time to iron out its kinks and establish itself as a titan of the field.

Ethereum was built to offer more with the blockchain than just your day-to-day transactions, and the improvements allow it to handle up to 10 transactions per second (compared to Bitcoin’s seven).

This means you can expect to see your payouts much faster – like within an hour. Deposits are also faster than Bitcoin (although not the fastest), and the fees are a bit less, too.

Etherium pros:

  • Faster deposits than Bitcoin
  • Extremely fast withdrawals
  • Well-established on the market

Ethereum cons:

  • Slower deposits than other cryptos
  • Slightly higher fees than some others


Often called the “silver” to Bitcoin’s “gold”, Litecoin was created in 2011 to improve upon Bitcoin with higher accessibility and speed, essentially making it lighter (thus the astute metal metaphor).

As one of the fastest cryptocurrencies available, Litecoin can produce 4x the coin limit and 4x the blocks as Bitcoin, which makes it noticeably faster for your transactions.

If you’re withdrawing your funds with Litecoin, expect to see them in your account within an hour tops. The fees are also fantastically low compared to both bank cards and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Litecoin Pros:

  • Fast deposits
  • Extremely fast withdrawals
  • Ideal for smaller transactions

Litecoin Cons:

 Not as popular as Bitcoin

  • Could be less widely accepted (outside of Bodog, of course)

Bitcoin Cash

Developed in 2017, the purpose of Bitcoin Cash was to be a version of Bitcoin that was easier to scale and simply just bigger. The developers achieved this feat by increasing the block size and allowing multitudes of more transactions per block.


What does all of this fancy jargon mean? Simply put, Bitcoin Cash is miles faster than Bitcoin and can settle transactions like deposits and withdrawals almost instantly. The fees are also incredibly low at just a fraction of a cent.

Benefits of Bitcoin Cash:

 Nearly instant deposits

  • Nearly instant withdrawals
  • Incredibly small fees

Cons of Bitcoin Cash:

 Not as established as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum (which may make a difference in the marketplace, but not here at Bodog)

Bitcoin SV

The “SV” in Bitcoin SV stands for “Satoshi Vision”, which is a reference to Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin who remains anonymous to this day.

Bitcoin SV sought to break away from the other cryptocurrencies straying too far from the original “plan”, so to speak, and bring crypto closer to Satoshi’s original vision.

Bitcoin SV also has a larger block size, allowing it to grow faster, and is considered more secure than other cryptos with higher levels of protection, plus minuscule fees and ridiculously fast transactions.

Pros of Bitcoin SV:

  • Incredibly fast deposits
  • Incredibly fast withdrawals
  • One of the most secure cryptos

Cons of Bitcoin SV:

 Not as established

  • Much lower volume than other cryptos, which means we don’t know how fast it will be if it attracts a bigger user base

USD Tether

Unlike the other cryptos we’ve talked about, striving to operate entirely independently from any type of fiat currency, USD Tether (USDT) is a different beast called a stablecoin.

USDT is pegged to the U.S. dollar, meaning it has far less volatility than other cryptos. Deposits with USDT are slower than the other cryptos (but still faster than Bitcoin), and withdrawals are completed within an hour. The fees associated with USDT are the highest of any other crypto, but again, still not as high as they may be with your bank.

Pros of USD Tether:

  • More stable than any other crypto
  • Very fast withdrawals
  • Extremely secure

Cons of USD Tether:

  • Slightly slower deposits
  • Higher fees

Crypto Betting at Bodog

Regardless of the coin you choose, when you bet with crypto, you enjoy the same benefits found across each type:

  • Faster deposits
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Lower fees
  • More security
  • Utmost privacy

Pick your crypto of choice, bet on crypto with your favorite games at Bodog Casino, take your winnings out at warp speed, and buy yourself something nice – all within a day’s play.