Crypto Betting At Bodog: A How-To Guide

crypto betting

Cryptocurrency is undeniably one of the greatest innovations – so far – of this young century, but its utility extends well beyond existing simply as a marker of human ingenuity.

When savvy punters make the switch to crypto betting, they instantly realise that this peer-to-peer transaction method has major benefits to their gaming experience as well. Crypto betting is cheaper, faster, more secure, and more private than traditional transactions through your bank. And when you want to claim what’s yours quickly (and why wouldn’t you?) your balance is drawn down without fuss. In fact, you’ll be cashed up in mere minutes.


If you’re new to crypto and don’t feel ready to jump in the boat, then stick around for a few minutes to hear us out. Plenty of bettors began with an uncertainty before switching to crypto: it’s a hassle; you have to learn too much; you don’t quite get the process… and meanwhile, the advantages continue to pass you by.

But because these are preconceptions that do deserve a fully fleshed-out response, that’s exactly what we’ve gone ahead done.

Bodog is going to show you just how easy it really is to start bitcoin gambling with the world’s freshest form of currency.

How to Deposit with Crypto

Before you play a game with Bitcoin betting or any other crypto betting, you’ll have to get your crypto funds into your account. In order to do that, you’ll first need a Digital Wallet and an Exchange Wallet.

For your Exchange Wallet, we like the selection at Cryptovantage. You just have to link your debit card to the exchange, then it’s bye-bye to your plastic friend…  at least while you’re at Bodog. Tuck it back into your physical wallet and enjoy telling it: You can’t handle the crypto!

For your Digital Wallet, Exodus is a great choice that also works exceptionally well on mobile. These providers all have their own comprehensive, step-by-step processes you can easily take your cues from.

Once that’s all sorted, here’s how you’ll make your first deposit for crypto betting at Bodog:

  1. Let’s start easy: sign into your account. Nailed it.
  2. Using the hamburger icon, select the option to “deposit”.
  3. Great. Now you’ll be presented with a list of cryptos. Select the one you want to use, then you’ll get a special address and QR code.
  4. Go back to your Digital Wallet and hit “Send”. You’re about to do great things.
  5. Remember that QR code? Now is its time to shine. Scan the code, or alternately copy/paste the given address into your wallet. Use the address option with extreme caution, however, because just one tiny mistake will result in a loss of funds, and that is a no bueno way to start your Bitcoin betting extravaganza.
  6. Look at the shiny confirmation page, review that address again… and again… and again, then hit “send’.

Funds are usually available within 15 minutes of making the transaction, which is in contrast to the potential 24-48 hours for a bank card,

So grab a coffee and wait for just a few minutes, then that’s it, player. You’re ready for crypto betting in the game of your choice.

How to Withdraw with Crypto

Hopefully, before too long, you’ve got a nice little stack ready to withdraw. Come for the games, stay for the stacks. Luckily for you, you won’t have to wait aeons to see your money like you would via traditional transaction methods.

Here’s how to withdraw the crypto way.

  1. Dig out your exchange wallet from your virtual pocket. It’s so much cleaner than yours, right?
  2. Look for the crypto you’d like to withdraw, hit “receive”, and behold the uniquely generated address.
  3. Copy said address, go back to the Bodog website where you have your account open, and paste the address exactly. Check it again just to be sure.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw in good old-fashioned CAD, and you can expect to see the crypto in your digital wallet within one to 24 hours.
  5. Send that cash-o-la to your exchange wallet, convert it to CAD, and go outside and buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

Crypto is Practically Limitless

Now that you use crypto, you’re no longer tied down to the limited minimums and maximums that you are with your bank.

All you need is $10 to deposit with most crypto, and if you’re getting ready for a baller night, you can crank that amount up to $5,000. Blackjack table, watch out.

If you’ve had a casual day at the casino and wouldn’t mind a few bucks to pay for a couple of coffees, you can take as little as $10 out. If you were hitting it big time, on the other hand, you can withdraw up to $9,500 in one go.

For comparison, bank cards have a minimum of $20, a maximum of $3,000 for withdrawals, and you can only make one withdrawal every seven days. Seems so archaic now that you think about it.

Which crypto is right for me?

Now that you’re on board with crypt and its benefits, it’s time to go shopping and try on your favourite coin.

Bitcoin – the O.G.

As the most established crypto out there, Bitcoin is one of the most secure, plus it’s accepted in any place that accepts crypto at all. The downside, however, is that due to its popularity the fees are slightly higher, and the network can get congested at times, causing transactions with Bitcoin to take up to 24 hours.

Litecoin – take a weight off

Litecoin was developed as a faster version of Bitcoin, so your deposits and withdrawals are done within an hour, and the fees are ridiculously low.

Ethereum – zip into the ether

Ethereum falls somewhere in the middle of Bitcoin and Litecoin for its deposit speed and transaction fees, but you can still expect to get your withdrawals in less than an hour and the fees to be negligible.

USD Tether – stability is key

For those who don’t appreciate the fluctuating rates of crypto, USD Tether is your way out of the rollercoaster. It’s tethered to the USD, which means a lot less stress about a changing rate. As a consequence, however, USDT has the highest transaction fees, but again, they really aren’t anything to write home about.


Crypto betting is here to stay, and Bodog is on the front lines of the future. Once you have your first experience with Bitcoin betting, you’ll be a convert for life, so follow the tips laid out here and enjoy the fast, cheap, private, and totally secure ride.