Bitcoin Betting: Why Choose Crypto in 2023

Why choose crypto

When you use crypto to fund your Bodog account, you get to take advantage of all of the perks that come with this alternative transaction method. Not only does it unlock the best bonuses in the business, it also offers more flexibility with how you move your money around. It provides more freedom than any other type of currency out there.


Crypto has quickly risen from relatively unknown to the best way to do business online, whether that be at an online casino or not. With no central agency controlling it, you can use it however you want. If you’ve wondered why choose crypto in a bitcoin casino, we’ll go over the top five reasons for using it in 2023 at Bodog.

Get Access to the Best Promotions

One way we encourage people to try using cryptocurrency as their deposit method is by incentivizing promotions. Many of our promotions have a standard offer in addition to a special offer that’s exclusive to crypto players. The crypto offer typically comes with a bigger match bonus and a higher cap on how much can be redeemed from it, making it a more appealing version of the promo. For example, if you use Bitcoin to make your first deposit at Bodog, you’d be eligible for a 150% casino bonus for up to $900. If you were to use something other than crypto, you’d be eligible for the 100% standard bonus for up to $600. You’ll encounter the same split promotion at our sportsbook. Why choose crypto? This seems like a perfect place to start.

Wider Transaction Limits

Deposits and withdrawals have limits that dictate how much money can be moved at one time, and although they are generally wide, it can be a drag to not be able to move the exact amount you want if that happens to exceed the limit. When you deposit with crypto, these limits are far greater than what’s imposed with credit card, e-transfer and direct bank transfers.

For example, for deposits, there’s a $1,000 limit on credit cards, a $500 limit on e-Transfer and a $1,500 limit on direct bank transfers. However, if you deposit with a cryptocurrency, including BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC and ETH, the limit is $5,000. Deposit with the crypto Tether (USDT) and there is no limit at all.

The same scenario exists with withdrawal limits. When you use a traditional withdrawal method, like cheque by courier, Direct Bank Transfer or Interac E-Transfer, you’re looking at a $3,000 limit and a frequency rate of one withdrawal per seven days. However, use a cryptocurrency instead, and there is no limit on the withdrawal; payments come in increments of $9,500 until the withdrawal is fully paid. And you can request a withdrawal once every three days instead of every seven.

Guaranteed Deposits

There’s nothing worse than getting pumped up to launch an online casino session only to have your deposit fail to go through the system. Unfortunately, this happens more than we’d like with certain credit cards when the issuing bank blocks transactions to online casinos. You don’t have to worry about anything like that happening when you use a cryptocurrency, though.

If you deposit with one of our accepted cryptocurrencies, and you’re sure to copy and paste the correct digital address codes, we guarantee that the funds will come through the digital network and arrive in your Bodog account. Transactions aren’t blocked on the blockchain; as they get cued up, they’re processed by miners who post them on the ledger in a very systematic way. If you want to make sure that the digital address code is inputted correctly, you can opt to use the QR code, or do a full copy and paste.

Fast Withdrawals

After winning a payout, there’s typically a desire to withdraw your account quickly and celebrate the event. That’s why selecting the fastest withdraw method is imperative to keeping the good times rolling. When you select cryptocurrency as a withdrawal method, you cut down the wait time considerably. Once the withdrawal is authorized on our end, which can take one or two days, it takes up to 24 hours to receive your withdrawal in your digital wallet—at which point you can convert instantly at a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Compare that to waiting three to five business days for a direct bank transfer, or 10 to 15 days for a cheque to be delivered via courier, and you can see why crypto is best suited for speedy withdrawals.


Even within the type of cryptocurrency, there is some variation in withdrawal speed. For example, USD Tether, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are all designed for day-to-day transactions and as a result are the fastest options; they take up to an hour to be processed through the blockchain network as a withdrawal, whereas Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, takes up to 24 hours, which is still much faster than the more traditional withdrawal methods, but not as speedy as the other cryptocurrencies.

Here at Bodog, we want to make 2023 the year of crypto. It will make every transaction easy and highly rewarding for you and us. Join us as we look to streamline the future of online casino gaming and sportsbook betting to improve the overall experience. We look forward to bigger and better things this year, beginning with perfecting the art of online transactions. So, why choose crypto? That’s why.